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Automatic RCA Audio Selector

The Bobwire RCA1 is a four channel RCA audio A/B switch. The RCA1 will automatically switch between two audio sources (4 channels each) and send the audio signal on to one output such as an amplifier(s) and/or subwoofers (2 IN & 1 OUT). The Mode switch determines whether the RCA1 will operate by audio sensing or by a 12V trigger input. An alternative setup would have a single audio source and the RCA1 will switch between two outputs (1 IN & 2 OUT) but this is only possible in 12V trigger mode. A common use for the RCA1 is to switch audio between a surround sound receiver (with preamp outputs) and a high-end stereo preamp (often called home theater bypass). Another use could be to automatically switch between a local room source and a whole house audio system. All 4 channels of the RCA1 are identical and can be used for full-range or subwoofer signals. The copper circuit board traces and the highest quality gold contact relays ensure the purest audio signal path. The ultra-sensitive audio detection circuit is 100% analog & remains out of the signal path at all times.

When set to "12V Mode", an input trigger voltage of 3-15VDC may be used to activate the switch (instead of audio sensing). The 12V output is active whenever the B input is selected. This output can be used to control additional equipment such as more BobWire products.

The mode switch determines if the device will operate by audio sensing or 12V trigger input. In audio sensing mode, the RCA1 will automatically switch from input A to B when input B starts to play. In 12V Input mode the switch will be controlled by an external trigger voltage (3-15DC).

The sensitivity adjustment knob determines how loud the audio signal present at the B input needs to be before switching. The reset delay knob determines how long the device waits to switch back to the A input after the audio stops on input B.

The gold plated RCA jacks ensure the purest connections. 4 channels of audio allow for left, right and 2 subwoofer connections.

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