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Analog Audio Trigger w/ 12V Trigger Outputs

The Bobwire AAT1 is an ultra-sensitive analog audio detection device with 12V trigger outputs and an expansion relay. The instant audio is detected at the RCA inputs, the 12V trigger outputs will be energized and the expansion relay will close. The AAT1 will wait anywhere from 1 second to 10 minutes (reset delay) after the audio stops before turning off the 12V triggers and opening the expansion relay. This reset wait time is determined by the setting of the Reset Delay adjustment knob. How loud the audio signal must be to trigger the AAT1 is determined by the setting of the Audio Trigger Sensitivity knob. A common use for the AAT1 would be to turn on a power amplifier equipped with a 12V trigger Input. Most stand-alone amplifiers have 12V trigger inputs. Please note that surround sound receivers (AVRs) do not have 12V inputs and therefore can not be controlled by the AAT1’s 12V trigger outputs. The copper circuit board traces and gold plated audio connections ensure the purest audio signal path. The ultra-sensitive audio detection circuit is 100% analog & remains out of the signal path at all times.

The instant audio is detected, the 12V triggers will switch on. The 300mA of current ensures you can control just about anything including amplifiers, relays, fans or additional BobWire products

The audio output cut switch will reduce the RCA output volume by 10dB. This has the effect of reducing the volume level that is heard at the speakers. This feature can be helpful if the audio trigger sensitivity is already set to 1mV and even lower listening levels are desired.

The sensitivity adjustment knob determines how loud the audio signal present at the RCA inputs need to be before activating the AAT1 (trigger threshold). The reset delay knob determines how long the device waits after the audio has stopped before turning off the 12V triggers and opening the expansion relay.

The SPDT (single pole dual throw) relay can be used to control additional equipment that you wish to be activated when the music/audio starts. Additional equipment could include projection screens, TV lifts, lights, AV switchers or device power.

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