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Bob What?

Bobwire is a new company engineering and manufacturing audio accessories for audio enthusiasts and professional installers.  Bobwire was founded in 2019 by me, Bob. I have over 20 years of experience installing custom audio systems.  This experience is the basis for the innovative products like the DAT1.  The DAT1 is currently the only product for sale but please check back later in 2019 for additional unique AV products.  Bobwire is located in San Francisco, USA.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by clicking the contact link above.  Thanks!  -Bob

Home: The DAT1

The DAT1

The Bobwire DAT1 will simplify your AV installation by providing a 12V trigger to turn On/Off amplifiers, cooling fans, AV selectors or other accessories.  It works by monitoring a digital optical audio signal and then activating one of the two different 12V outputs if the source is powered on or if audio is playing.  This is particularly useful for music streaming devices that are connected directly to a power amplifier such as the Sonos Connect™, Amazon Echo Link™ or Google ChromeCast Audio™.  Some audio amplifiers have audio sensing circuits, but these are not always reliable, especially at lower listening levels.  The Bobwire DAT1 will reliably trigger and turn on an amplifier every time as soon as the connected source starts playing audio regardless of the volume level.  The superior built-in hi resolution 192kHz 24-bit DAC will also improve the overall sound quality improving your listening experience.  The DAT1 can be used with any AV device that has an optical output including music streamers, TVs, CD/DVD/Blu-ray players, computers, Bluetooth receivers, airport express™ and video streamers. PLEASE NOTE: THE DAT1 WILL NOT TURN ON YOUR SOURROUND SOUND RECIEVER (they dont have 12V trigger inputs).


For more detailed information download the manual here.

Home: Where to Buy

Where to Buy (USA)

The DAT1 is currently only available for sale on Amazon with Prime shipping.  Click the button below or search for "Bobwire DAT1" in the Amazon search bar.  This section will be updated when the DAT1 is available at additional retailers.  If you would like to make a bulk purchase of 4 or more units please email me for details.  The UPC code is 860001366709.  The Amazon ASIN is B07QS89MZG.

Where to Buy (Outside USA)

If you are outside the USA please email me with your request.  Shipping to most European countries is a flat rate of $40 USD by USPS for 1 or 2pcs.  Transit time is 7-12 days.  The total cost for 1 unit shipped to Europe is $100 USD with Payment by Paypal.  The included 12VDC power supply is universal mains voltage (100V-250V) however the plug type is the USA style (use an adapter).

Home: Contact


For more information please email me at


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