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Automatic Balanced Audio Selector

The BobWire XLR1 is a two channel(stereo) balanced XLR audio A/B selector.  The XLR1 will automatically switch between two XLR inputs or one XLR input and one RCA input and send the audio signal to one XLR output.  The Input B XLR/RCA switch determines if Input B will be balanced(XLR) or unbalanced(RCA).  The Mode switch determines whether the XLR1 will operate by audio sensing or by a 12V trigger input signal.  An alternative setup would have a single audio source and the XLR1 will switch between two XLR outputs (1 IN & 2 OUT) but this is only possible in 12V trigger mode.  The copper circuit board traces and the highest quality gold contact relays ensure the purest audio signal path.  The ultra-sensitive audio detection circuit is 100% analog & remains out of the signal path at all times.

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